Lecture recordings

2016/2017 Lectures


November 29  –  Why are some countries poor? ‘Institutional’ explanations of economic development

(Chris Hope, Ph.D. Candidate in Development Studies)

November 22 – Capital’s not that stupid: The myth of the fragile state

(Maha Atal, Ph.D. Candidate in Politics and International Studies)

November 15 – The politics of competition: Thatcher and the privatization of the electricity industry in 1989

(Tae-Hoon Kim, Ph.D. Candidate in History)

November 8 –  Why are diamonds more valuable than water?

(Gustavo Nicolas Paez, Ph.D. Candidate in Economics)

November 1  – Can economic history inform on economic theory? The historical case for and against industrial policy

(Rasheed Saleuddin, Ph.D. Candidate in History)

October 25 – Elites and the (re)production of inequality: Perceptions, power, perils

(Alicia Krozer, Ph.D. Candidate in Development Studies)

October 18 – Theories of economics: Survival of the fittest?

(Nina Rismal, Ph.D. Candidate in German Thought)

October 11 – Introduction to Paper 0

(Chris Hope, Alicia Krozer, Nina Rismal)

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